EndAbuse System

A new holistic program to address abuse in all of its forms has been developed co-operatively in Canada, Australia and India.

Bloomberg says the Wall Street Rule for the #MeToo era is "Avoid women at all costs." In contrast, our international rule for men in the workplace and all others is EndAbuse.online

We are launching a global movement to stop the cover up, the bungling, the looking the other way, the victim-blaming that accompanies abuse as exposed by individuals who have found their voices and spoken up to change our era from one of silencing to one of listening.

But current attempts do not go far enough. Words are not enough. It is time for action.

EndAbuse.online is first and foremost a Membership organization, and this is how EndAbuse.online works

  • A member of EndAbuse.online reports an abusive individual or organization.

  • The EndAbuse.online team ensures there are no identifying features and posts to the membership the report.

  • EndAbuse.online offers the individual, or organization reported on, an opportunity to respond and posts the response.

  • If no response, or an inadequate response is received the issue is taken to the media or to a representative industry body.

  • If there has still not been positive action the issue is taken further – to an elected member of a State or Federal Government.

  • We believe any issues should be resolved in a much shorter time frame than allowed for in current processes.

What are EndAbuse.online Member benefits?

  • You become better informed. You exercise your right to know.

  • No more handing children over to institutions that fail to stop abuse.

  • No more staying up at night worrying that an elderly parent or relative is being hurt or neglected.

  • No more having individuals' education opportunities or career pathways limited or ruined by abuse.

  • No more listening to elected or appointed representatives who do not honour the commitments they previously made

  • No more blindly trusting companies, organizations, government agencies that are corrupted.

  • You report what happened, move from victim to survivor, and focus on your future.