Build Better Brains, Bodies & Businesses

The practical applications of neuroscience: converting what we know to what we do

Neuroscientists are daily learning more and more critical insights into brain health, development and optimization.

Their knowledge of the adolescent brain alone is extremely important for all parents, coaches and teachers to acquire. Unfortunately, not enough of this key information is leaving the lab and being applied in practical ways.

Build Better Brains has set its sights on taking neuroscientific insights and applying them in practical ways to bullying and abuse, driving safely for youth, early childhood education, elder care and career launching, transitioning from school-to-work.

To date, we have developed the 8 courses of the End Bullying and Abuse Academy which uses neuroscience to understand how it is that good administrators too often fail to protect people from abuse in their organizations.

We've completed the 8 courses of the Road Ready Program where young people can fuel up with neuroscience to stay safe on the road.

We have just launched the first three courses of the Career Driven site which focus on the impact of marijuana, alcohol and drugs on developing brains (13 to 24) because it's really hard to launch a fabulous career when your brain is at risk, your neurological health is in decline, and you are uninformed of the danger to your brain by substances normalized all too often in societies.

Our next course offerings in 2019 will be on the neuroscience of effective coaching, developing self-awareness, communication expertise and team-building acumen with Athlete Assessment's DISC Profiling and Trust-Mapping's survey.

Jennifer Fraser, PhD, CCDP

Drawing on neuroscience and positive psychology to change behaviours

An award-winning educator, research and best-selling Amazon author, her online courses and workshops provide dynamic lessons in the impact neuroscientific knowledge has on personal development and culture-change.

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"I took two pages of notes with this presentation. It was fantastic! ... Excellent presentation style, excellent content. Dr. Fraser's talk on the neuroscience of bullying was captivating."

Lisa Licata
Senior Director of Professional Administrators
National Alliance of Youth Sports