Who We Are

We founded Motion Press to be a courageous publishing house and educational site that does not bow down to outdated systems.


Internationally renowned anti-bullying advocate, author and expert, Barbara Coloroso endorsed Teaching Bullies with “Fraser’s focus on coaches and teachers is a new and important contribution to the field.” Motion Press is not afraid to articulate a new way. It aims to set in motion a revolution fueled by neuroscience and the courage to speak up.

MPH is the consulting arm of Motion Press Holdings which is built on the premise that the pen is mightier than the sword. Motion Press was born on the day when the publisher for Teaching Bullies pulled out two weeks before going to press. A lawyer had advised that it was a risky book to publish.

Dr. Jennifer Fraser

Consultant for Motion Press, Jennifer is presently working on two new books Brain Scars: How Teachers and Coaches Can Heal Them and Career Driven: Fueling up with Neuroscience on the School-to-Work Journey.

Partnered with Robert Palmer of Education Professionals and Live More of Your Life, as well as with Aamir Qutub of Aamir's Education and Enterprise Monkey, all working under the umbrella of Life. Be In It has provided us with an opportunity for international reach and transformation.


Brains grow, develop, flourish, suffer and decline in such similar ways it cuts across national and cultural lines. The more we learn about our brains, and especially the brains of our children, the more all people and organizations can fulfill their remarkable neurological potential.

Partnered With

Jennifer has partnered with STOPit, a safe, anonymous reporting app that acts as an early warning system for organizations to be informed and proactive about bullying and abuse. STOPit allows organizations to protect their stakeholders, and get help for perpetrators before it’s too late.

With a PhD in Comparative Literature from the University of Toronto, Jennifer knows she has a lot to learn. She has completed Neuroscience in the Classroom, from the University of Colorado, Empathy facilitation training with The Connect Group, DISC profiling certification with Athlete Assessment, certification in the Personal Style Indicator with CRG Group, certification in career-narrative gamification by One Life Tools, and has earned her Canadian Career Development Practitioner certification. If she can’t help your organization, she will strive to connect you with someone in her network.